Assume The Sale

Assume the Sale

Assumptive closing involves always moving towards your closing process, which starts with the information gathering process needed to finalize a sale. Collecting their Name, Address, Email, Website, etc., are all good methods to use to start the closing process.

“Do you have a web site to pull graphics from for your ad or a business card you’d like to use on your ad?”

“What is your last name?”

“What is a good email address?”

You Must ask for Payment on EVERY Call

Start with clear Objectives

  • Know your close
  • Always speak clearly and confidently
  • Don’t fear the close
  • Ask for the money

Communication is the key to closing sales

Communication is the key to closing sales. How we approach each potential close on a call will ultimately determine our success. In order to create trust on the phone we have to be professional. It is important to always speak slowly, clearly, and with confidence to increase your chances of closing. Your voice reflects your attitude. Even if the words are correct and intended to be polite, tone could imply the opposite. The key to achieving this is knowing your close inside and out, this will help prevent you from awkward pauses or using slang in your closing presentation. When closing, the words you choose to say to a potential client are extremely important to a successful outcome.