Geofencing Lesson 2: How To Sell

How to Make the Sale

Now we will focus on dealing with a potential geofencing customer and how to interact with them.

99% of the time you are speaking to someone who is hearing your voice for the first time, and as a business owner, they are expecting (in some cases hoping) that they are answering the call of a customer. However, your job is to make them a customer. This can require some skill, especially when doing so honestly.

The good thing is the product that we are offering is real and has the potential to help your customers out. It is your job to convince them of this fact. Geofencing is the advertising medium of the future. In the not so distant past, only large corporations with huge advertising budgets had access to the type of advertising we are offering.

As discussed in the previous lesson, geofencing is an advertising medium that allows businesses to directly communicate their company message to potential clients in a specific location. It is a way to target the right people, in the right place, at the right time.

General sales techniques are the focus of other lessons, so we will focus on how to work your magic with geofencing.

First of all, just about any customer you call could benefit from geofencing. While people have the choice to search a website or google services or products, most free mobile apps (which the majority of users opt for free so they don’t need to pay a monthly fee) make their money by selling advertisements which they, for lack of a better term, force their users to view. Most of the time the user simply clicks to close the ad, but there are those that take a few moments to consider what pops up on their screen.

Create a picture in the customer’s mind. Like the story of Vinny’s Pizza in the previous lesson, paint a scenario that they can almost see and feel. If you make it real to them they will respond in a more positive way.

Selling Point Number 1: Mobile Users Will View the Ad

We ensure (guarantee) that a customer’s advertisement will be seen a specified number of times each month. So if they order 4,000 views, their ad will show on 4,000 devices as a pop up on the screen. Most people see them as a normal part of mobile life, and some take the time to check them out.

  • “Yes (customer’s name), your ad will show 4,000 times each month, guaranteed.”

Selling Point Number 2: Mobile Ads Are Eye-Catching

Even though they only take up a small portion of the screen, a well done graphic can grab the attention of anyone. Maybe you didn’t think of having Pizza for dinner before, but when Vinny’s ad comes up that may be what you pick up for dinner on the way home from work. While geo-ads aren’t meant to hold a lot of information, a catchy design or motto can go a long way in enticing customers.

  • “(Customer’s Name), take a look at your phone and imagine your logo or motto right there. We can help you make that possible.”
  • “The space on a phone’s screen is valuable. Let’s get your ad on there.”

Selling Point Number 3: Every Marketing Dollar Counts

Every large company knows the value of advertising, especially direct advertising. Now that geofencing is available to small businesses, the sky’s the limit. Now a home-based real estate agent can have their ad pop up on phones throughout the city for a reasonable price knowing that people are seeing it. Some smaller businesses spend thousands of dollars every month advertising, our packages make it easy and affordable to reach customers who use mobile devices regularly.

  • “(Customer’s Name), marketing can be expensive, but our packages are affordable and guarantee your ad will be seen (x) number of times each month.”
  • “Make your marketing dollars count with a package that will focus on the demographic you are looking for.”

Selling Point Number 4: Analytics

When a company runs a commercial on the television or radio, it is difficult to gauge how well their campaign is going. With our program we offer analytics which show our customers the number of views and who is viewing their ad. This documentation is crucial to a business, because it allows them to make changes to meet demand and show their corporate offices where their marketing dollars are going.

  • “(Customer’s Name), each month you’ll have access to an analytics report that will show you the number of views your ad is receiving and who is viewing your ad”

Selling Point Number 5: It’s a Great Connector to Social Media

Social media is the thing these days. In fact social media is the most productive way to get one’s name out there and find new customers. The great part is that geofencing allows the customer to link their ad to their personal webpage (or facebook page). By connecting geofencing with social media our customers can increase their online presence, and bring more customers into their offline presence.

  • “With geofencing, you can notify passersby to look you up on social media for better customer engagement. In fact, it serves as your gateway to your social media and internet identity.”
  • “(customer name) In today’s world people are either asleep or connected. Let’s get them connected to you.”

Use the sales points above to help you navigate your sales conversation with your customer. It won’t work 100% of the time, but if you can portray yourself as someone who knows what they are talking about, and knows about the customer’s needs, you are more likely to make the sale.

Be a Geofencing Sales Champion!

Other Great Information

According to Pew Research Center, 77 percent of Americans own a smartphone. The breakdown by generation is 92 percent of Millennials, 85 percent of Gen Xers and 67 percent of Baby Boomers.

We work with you throughout the entire mobile marketing process—from creating ads to analyzing the results. Our experts can help you understand your options and guide you along the way to success.

Mobile Advertising is the key to reaching these busy customers and guiding them towards working with your firm.

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