Getting Great At Sales

The key to getting great at sales is becoming comfortable with communication. Being great at sales isn’t hard if you know how to listen, take notes, ask questions, and respond to objections. Be sure to recognize their objections and practice you’re responses so you will be far better off than the majority of professionals who either give up or limp their way through them. To be great is to be focused and prepared, to be great at what you do is to smile and have fun while you’re doing it. The only excuse you should ever care about is that there is no excuse and always remember people will buy, you just have to sell them.

Ways To Improve Your Sales

  • You have the first 10-15 seconds to build a connection with the customer using your tonality, enthusiasm, and make them think that you are an expert in your domain
  • The first 10-15 seconds of the call are the most important for building a connection with the client and getting them interested
  • Be a problem solver- first identify their needs and after that explain to them how your product can help them
  • Make them understand the long-term benefits of your product and how they are helping the Heroes.
  • Be positive, respectful, enthusiastic, credible, entertaining and memorable
  • Learn to talk about the price of your product or service by showing them how many benefits they get for that “small investment”
  • Always have in mind why you picked-up the phone in the first place and “That is to Close the deal”
  • Remember that it’s just a conversation, they are just like you and I, so RELAX and Breathe.