How can Mortgage Lender use Geo-Fencing

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How can a Lender use Geo-Fencing?

  • By marketing themselves as a Veteran Preferred Mortgage Company, a lender proudly displays his or her support for the Veterans, Geo-Fencing can help lenders with that! We can Geo-Target all Veteran and Community Clubs even Military Bases or Veteran homeowners. Always check the calculator for targeting groups or Premium Packages.Image result for mortgage clipart
  • VA Loans can be used for purchasing or refinancing a property. Sometimes lenders will put Veterans in FHA or Conventional loan and other types of loans because that Lender or Loan Officer is not experienced in working with VA Loans. We have a targeting group that can reach, Current Mortgage is FHA or Conventional that would benefit a Lender convert those types of loans into VA Loans for our Veterans by using our Geo-Fencing options.
  • Veterans are one of the most loyal demographics, and they are more likely to share who helped them with their home purchase or refinance, Geo-Fencing can help lenders get in front of Veterans in the area!
  • A lender needs to make as many loans to qualified people as possible in order to be successful, Geo-Fencing can help them get in front of Veterans or anyone in their demographic!
  • Lenders who work closely with Veterans increase their overall public profile, Geo-Fencing can help with that!
  • Doesn’t it just make good business sense to advertise to Veterans since the US Government incentivizes them to buy the product and service you provide? Geo-Fencing can help them get in front of Veterans in the area!
  • As a Veteran Preferred VA Loan lender, they will be supporting the selfless men and women who have made great sacrifices for our country while at the same time potentially earn bigger commissions, Geo-Fencing can help them get in front of Veterans in the area!
  • As a Veteran Preferred Mortgage provider, we can guarantee exposure to millions of Veterans, their families, and friends, Geo-Fencing can help them get in front of Veterans in the area!
  • We believe that if you promote yourself as being able to help Veterans with their benefits as well as help agents make bigger commissions that more folks will be interested in your services. Do you agree? Geo-Fencing can help them get in front of Veterans and Real Estate Agents in the area!
  • Imagine an ad for two mortgage lenders. One simply provides the basic info, while the second specifically notates the benefits of the VA Home Loan ($0 down, easier qualification, $0 Mortgage Insurance) and the possibility of a $81,080 grant. Which Ad do you think will generate more interest? Geo-Fencing can help them get in front of Veterans in the area!
  • Did you know that only 10% of Veterans used the VA Home Loan in 2016 because they lacked knowledge of the generous benefits? Geo-Fencing can help them get in front of Veterans in the area!
  • Only a small portion of Veterans know that it is easier for a them to qualify for a home loan, and that they can get more home for their money because they don’t pay mortgage insurance. These heroes need a trustworthy lender to advise them of the benefits they may qualify for. Geo-Fencing can help them get in front of Veterans in the area!

Basic Points To Remember About VA Guarantee Home Loans:

Today, over 25 million Veterans and Service members live in the U.S., but only 10 percent of them bought a home using the VA Home Loan program in the past five years. With your help, this number could be much higher.

  • A VA-Guaranty loan can be used to:

Buy a home, either existing or pre-construction, as a primary residence; and it can be used for single family, multi-family, condominiums, or a residence on a farm. 

Refinance an existing loan.

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Reverse Mortgages are​ an exciting way for homeowners age 62 and higher to enjoy financial security and stability while staying in the comfort of their homes.​​ A reverse mortgage allows you to draw upon the equity in your home without having to make any reverse mortgage payment for as long as you continue to live there, or until the loan becomes due. Geo-Fencing can help lenders that do Reverse Mortgages reach that demographic using our age specific targeting group.