Phone Script and Closing

Hi ___, this is ___ how are you?   Great you sound good!
(If they respond, GOOD, FINE, etc. say:  Great you sound good.)

(Opening Question)

I work for the Hometown Hero project. We are a Public benefit corporation offering Geo-fencing.

Had a question are you familiar with Geo-Fencing?

(If yes) Great, then you know…
(If no) It allows you to target customers in a specific area like a business location or even customers on their computer in their home.

How we do this is by placing your Company Ad on targeted customers cell phones, the exact group of customers that you want to reach.

I’m sure you’ve seen these ads before when you’re checking the weather or reading the news?  (OPTIONAL) Apps like Reddit, Spotify, FOX, CNN, ESPN, CBS News – even apps like Wheel of Fortune, Words with Friends, and The Weather Channel!

We guarantee that your Ad will be displayed at least 4,000 times a month. You’ll receive a monthly detailed report showing the number of views, click through’s, and what day your potential customers saw your ad!

Our month-to-month price is $229 per month or what most folks have done is the 6 months for $209 per month. Which would work best for you?

Here are some options

  1. We can custom create your Ad based on your website, logo, and color scheme.  Your detailed information can be on the Ad or a landing page (We can also create that). – What’s your web address?
  2. You can send us Your Ad

Here is the hardest part of selling:


(The most advanced Location based mobile advertising technology)


CLOSING QUESTIONS: I’ll just need to verify a few things with you (Check Spelling)

-First Name: ________________ Last Name: ______________________

-Official Company name: ____________________________

-Business Address____________________ is that good for mailing purposes as well?

-What’s a good email address_________________________?

-Phone Number: ________________ is this the best # for our Heroes to reach you at?

-Do you have an updated web address that our Art Department can get your logos from?

(If No,) No worries we can create you a custom landing page.

GREAT!  My art team will start working with you via email over the next few days to come up with an ad that you’ll love.  Once you approve it and payment has been made, we’ll start distributing your views!

So just to confirm (Their Name) you will be receiving the GEO package for ___ months at a cost of $___ a month.

You Must ask for Payment on EVERY Call

Will you be taking care of it today? Would you like to use Visa or MasterCard?

OK great, I’m going to transfer us over to a secure line with my finance dept. so they can verify some information and take care of your payment arrangements.
Please hold a few seconds for me.

Don’t forget to tell the finance dept. if your customer will be making a payment today

If no payment at time of order: Now when you do make your first payment how will it be made? Ok, great. I’m going to transfer you over to my finance dept.  so, they can verify your information and take care of your payment arrangements. Please hold a few seconds for me.

You must get a YES, OK, SURE…etc.  If they need to do any of the following, it is NOT A SALE!

1. Think it over

2. Talk to wife, partner…

3. Want to see information

4. Need to get Corp. approval


Finance Department (FD): Hello, this is XXXX, how can I help you?

Sales Agent: Hi (FD), this is [Your Name], I have [customers name] on the phone, His/her # is _______. 

They are joining the Project today with a Geo subscription for ___ months at a cost of $___ per month.

They are making a payment today /OR/ putting a card on file today. 

Only speak if: Client/Finance person asks you to join in or the sale appears to be going sideways.

These are some FAQs clients ask:

  1.  When will I see an AD proof?   1-3 days
  2. Am I guaranteed results?   We do guarantee exposure (# of Views purchased), however, we cannot guarantee results.
  3. Cancellation Policy:   To avoid having your account automatically renewed, you may cancel it at or email [email protected] 10 days before your renewal date. If we are not notified, your services will continue until the next billing schedule.

(They are financially committing to the (1/3/6/12 month) subscription period.  After their subscription period is over, they can cancel all future commitment 10 days prior to their next scheduled payment date at