After completing a call, it is vital to select the appropriate disposition in VanillaSoft. This impacts what will happen to the lead next as well as reporting.

CB BirdDog- when needing to set a callback at a later date and time. It is a good practice if a business is temporarily closed or when needing to provide time for a customer to all back in, to set a callback. At least one callback should be set per lead. This lead should be commonly used as it’s important to get past the gatekeeper to speak to the decision maker. If the gatekeeper is unavailable, ensure you’re setting a callback to follow up.  

BD Action- when sending an email out to the customer, BD Action should be used. Anytime we have an email address on file for the customer, one should be sent. If the account does not have an email address on file, be sure to try and obtain one.

Disconnect- used only when an automated voice states the number is no longer in service or has been disconnected.

LM BirdDog- (Left Message) indicates that a message has been left with your callback information with a person or on a voice mail machine. A best practice is anytime a voicemail is available, a message should be left.

NA BirdDog- (No Answer) anytime someone does not answer; phone rings and no one picks up, a voice mail has not been set up, the voice mail box is full and you’re unable to leave a message, there’s a busy signal or fax tone.

NI BirdDog-(Not interested) once a potential customer tells you they’re not interested, they’re business is permanently closed, or the owner states they are retired. Non workable corporate accounts should also be dispositioned as NI.

Trans Live-when transferring a customer to a sales agent. Must be used to count

Spanish-customer speaks Spanish.

DNCBirdDog- When a live person advises not to call that business or an email comes back asking to be removed from the list.

Wrong #-Live person tells you that you have the wrong number.

BDSE$1DOWN- do not use, formerly used for $1 down pitch

Please do not print, dispositions are subject to change.

Last updated on 6/4/2020