Sales Rebuttals

Not Interested: O.K _____, Can I ask you a different question? (Wait for response)

  • What area do you cover? Great…
  • You do (_____) right? What else? Great…
  • What type of customers are you looking to target? Great…

Because what I’d like to do is display your company in all the _____.  How we do this is create you a mobile display ad and then run it on popular phone applications, each month I send you a report showing you how many people saw the ad and clicked on it allowing you to see your marketing dollars at work.  What do you say could we do something like that?   

I have more business than I can handle: (Owner Name) you’re very fortunate, that’s a nice position to be in. Let’s make sure you stay that way I recommend that we get you started with a month to month subscription so we can show you the power of the project.

I use word of Mouth: Oh there is no better way than to let your business do the talking for you, but you could be missing out on a lot of potential new customers by not letting everyone know that you have top notch service.

Talk to wife/partner: No problem _____, what do you think they will say? (Wait for response) I see, well let me ask you this, would they be terribly upset with you if we got you signed up with a month to month commitment that way there is no contract or long term commitment?

Send some info for me to review: No problem what’s a good email address for you?  (Wait for response)  So I have (repeat email address), so let me ask you is there something specific you need to help you make an educated decision?  I’m glad I ask because…

How do I know this is what you say it is:  Are you by a computer?  (If yes) go to (

(If no) Do you have a good email address I can send you some information? (Repeat email address) is there something specific you would like to see?  I’m glad I ask because…

We’re Seasonal: O.K, when is your peak season? Can I ask, what you do in the off season?  Before your season starts, you’d like to start advertising right? (Wait for response)

We Did Our Budget for The Year: Ok I realize you weren’t planning on spending an extra $______ but can I ask you a question? Businesses are often competing with larger, well-known national brands and what I want to do is give you the ability to compete with them but at a fraction of the cost. If I could get you the ability to trigger a response on a customer’s phone when they enter or leave an area, I’m sure you can see that value in that, right?

I can’t afford that /No money/Budget: I understand but small businesses are often competing with larger, well-known national brands and what I want to do is give you the ability to compete with them but at a fraction of the cost. Rather than spending thousands of dollars we are only talking about $2____ a month.

The owner is busy right now: I am working on a project could I send an email for the owner and he can contact me when he has a minute?

I don’t advertise: I actually hear that a lot,”May I ask why that is?” Ok, I can understand but did you know that two thirds of all Americans spend an average of two hours per day on mobile apps on their smartphone, not taking advantage of geo-fencing means missing out on a lot of new business. If geo-fencing could help you grow your business would that interest you?

I advertise on the internet: That’s great, so let’s target your customers with Geo-fencing. We give you access to thousands of popular apps and you will be on laptops, desktops and mobile phones! We also send you detailed reports showing you how many views and clicks your ad received. Do you currently have a website? 

 Will I be the only one: I would never over saturate my project with more resources than what I need … Here’s the thing though with Geo-Fencing I will target your specific demographic’s mobile devices and you won’t be sharing a website or ad space with another business or individual at the same time.

I Don’t Think…/ How Do You Know That It Will Work? Two thirds of all Americans spend an average of two hours every day on their phones looking at apps and research has shown that target advertising like Geo-fencing is 20 times more effective in generating returns than traditional advertising. Plus, in addition to show you that it works we send you a detailed report every month showing you how many views and clicks your ad received so that you can see your ad dollars at work. How does that sound?

Set your follow up call for success: (customer’s name) when I call back on (time of call back) I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have, if not I will need about 2 minutes to get you signed up, sound good?  _____. (Wait for response) Talk to you then.

Return call:  Hello _______ this is _______ we spoke on _______ you wanted me to call today. I was wondering if you had any questions for me or can we go ahead and get you signed up today?