The Finish Line

How great would it be if every call made was a sale made? The truth is that every call a sale is made, them selling you on “no” or you selling them on “yes”.

We must understand that every sale is a process that starts with qualifying a lead then presenting your solution to improve their problem. What separates our service from the thousands of other services out there is our ability to help the men and women that served our great country.

It is our job to explain how our solution best fits their problem and connect the dots for the customer. In other terms if it makes sense for them to do it, then that’s is exactly what they will do.

How to best fit our solution to their problem is the fun part of selling. You should keep it simple and not over complicate the decision making process for the customer by over loading them with unnecessary information.

Remember to actively listen to how they want you to sell them. If needed ask questions to get them talking. Always remember the goal is to close them whether it will be on this call or the next, so stay focused and be willing to reach the finish line.