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What is vital for a car owner when looking for a trusted auto repair shop?

You call a chain repair shop that is corporate owned. Instead of trying to get the corporate phone number, you should give up.

On average, a dented bumper can cost how much to repair?

Which of the following are reasons getting your damaged car repaired at dealership may be quicker than at a smaller body repair shop. (Choose all that apply)

There are more than 700,000 auto service technicians and mechanics in the United States.

If you wanted to get quality mural of a Chinese dragon painted on the hood of your car, which shop below would likely provide you with the best service?

Maaco is an example of a small mom and pop body shop.

As an agent, why would asking a repair shop if they offer emergency services be a benefit?

An updraft paint booth capable of handling full-size truck can cost upwards of $50,000

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