Automotive 3 GEO

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You are talking to Henry, the owner of Henry's Used Cars. He states his business is largely based on word of mouth. How can you excite him about our services?

When a rental car company needs to update the vehicles in their rental inventory, what do they do with their current inventory? (Select all that apply)

There is no reason to try and sell advertising to a new car dealership.

Despite online services which allow people to purchase vehicles from one another, dealerships are still the primary means of purchasing a vehicle.

Veterans who have a service-related disability may be eligible for a vehicle benefit of up to $20,114.34

What does MSRP stand for?

If you are talking to the owner of a new car dealership that also has a service center. What would be a good comment to make? (Select all that apply)

In 2017, 31.2 million new cars were sold in the United States.

Manufacturers may have special rebate programs designed specifically for the heroes we are trying to help support.

In order to boost sales at the end of a vehicle production year, manufacturers will often do which of the following?

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