Basic Training 2

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What are some of the things you could bring up during a sales call with an independent contractor? (Select all that apply)

As a general rule, you want to rely more on the emotional side of supporting our heroes than the facts.
The Hometown Hero pitch is just an exmaple. You can make up your own pitch from scratch if you want.

A good HVAC technician can help a homeowner do which of the following:

You just sold a Victory Display package to George's Detailing. He is ready to buy and wants to pay in full. Can you offer him featured status at no charge?
If it will help to make a sale, a small lie about our services is okay every now and then.
How do our FREE 60 Handouts for Consumers help real estate agents?

What is a good way to work your way past the gatekeeper?

What was the total amount of premiums written by insurance companies in 2016?

George is purchasing a Victory Display package for his used car dealership. You tell him that unlimited vehicle web listings come with the package. Is this correct?

Stage Name/Real Name Unit

Basic Training 2

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Licensed tattoo artists are required to complete formal artistic training.

"Many of our heroes are right in the demographic seeking laser hair removal services. We are looking for a quality business that will take care of our heroes and make sure they see the results they want."

This is a good statement to make to a laser hair removal business owner.

Even though requirements may differ, many states have licensing procedures for tattoo artists.

When dealing with a repair shop, you first want to build sentiment in helping the heroes, then create a connection between their services and the needs of our heroes.

An updraft paint booth capable of handling full-size truck can cost upwards of $50,000

Which statements below are good sales points to use with a tattoo shop? (Select all that apply)

In 2017 the percentage of men who obtain hair removal services was what?

As an agent, why would asking a repair shop if they offer emergency services be a benefit?

Which statement below is incorrect?

Many tattoo shops also offer body piercings.

Real Name/Stage Name Unit