Bird Dog Sales Agent Final

Welcome to your Bird Dog Sales Agent Final.

Bird Dog Agents go over the specifics of our support project and some of the product packages.
What are the benefits of being a Bird Dog Sales Agent?
When you pick up a Bird Dog call, you should say: "Hello. This is     your name   . I'm working with the local VFW on a project to support veterans. Can I speak with the owner?"
If I forget the Bird Dog's name, it's OK, because it will always be in my list of callers on the phone.
What are the pieces of information you must listen for when the bird dog call is coming through?
All of our potential Customers know that computers are sometimes slow, so It's okay to ask them to wait while their information is pulled up in the system.
What are the reasons it is important to enter the bird dog's name in the Links tab as soon as possible?
When the computers are slow, use scratch paper.
Besides "Please hold a moment while I pull up your information" when looking up a customer's lead in Vanilla Soft, what else shouldn't be said?
You should be excited every time you get a bird dog call.
Why is it bad to ignore a bird call?

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Bird Dog Sales Agent Final

1. As opposed to conventional loans, a lender will require what documentation for the VA Guaranty Loan?

An agent can assist the VA Loan homebuyer apply for their COE in which manner? (Select all that apply)

3. Fred, a Navy Veteran, has always liked rural living. You have found him a farm residence that he would like to live in that fits his budget. Can he utilize the VA Home Loan to purchase the farm residence?
4. Veteran discharge paperwork is also referred to as a:
5. Jenny was the wife of a service member who died in action. Can you advise Jenny that she can purchase a home with zero down payment and no mortgage insurance?

How large is the potential VA Home Loan market?


In all, how much of the entire U.S. homebuyer market may be eligible to use the VA Home Loan?


What is a top reason why real estate professionals are successful?


VA guidelines state a minimum FICO credit score of 620 to qualify.

10. What does the acronym COE stand for?

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