Finance Final

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Loaning someone money to start or build a business can be considered an alternative investment, and it would be a good idea to contact a financial advisor before doing so.

According to the latest information from the Federal Reserve, credit debt has exceeded what dollar amount?

You are talking to, John, an investment broker in San Diego who does not see any benefit to advertising with us. What should you say?

Non-humanities college graduates earn, an average, ________% more over a lifetime than do non-college graduates.

Defaulted student loans drop off a credit report after two years.

In most cases, a true retirement planner has a license with the state and complies with all regulations of the SEC.

Which of the following are types of life insurance policies? (Select all that apply)

A person's estate includes which of the following?

Which option below is a good way to help you build a connection between our program and the services of a broker?

What is the primary difference between a 529 Plan and a 401(k)?