Health and Wellness 2

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A good counselor will always encourage dependence on their services so their clients will rely more fully on the work they do.

Which therapy techniques are known to work well with PTSD patients? (Select all that apply)

The typical cost of a privatized inpatient program is _______ for 4 weeks.

You are talking to Erica, a non-VA provider who has experience working with substance abuse patients. What should you say to Erica to help make the sale?

Many mental health professionals work in private practice to keep costs down.

You are speaking to Paula, a counselor, who offers therapy for individuals suffering from substance abuse addiction. What is a good statement you should make to Paula?

A patient who enters into an outpatient mental health program will stay at the clinic for 48 hours to 6 months.

Triglycerides are a common drug treatment for PTSD patients to help them sleep better.

Why won't some mental health professionals work with patients suffering from PTSD?

Which of the following is a therapeutic method not typically offered by a mental health professional?

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