Health and Wellness Final

You are talking to a prosthetic company that is wondering how our services might help them as a company. What can you say to help move the sale forward?

What are other terms for Urgent Care? (Select all that apply)

If you call a senior care facility office three times and are never able to speak to the owner, what might you be doing wrong?

You get a lead for a hospital. Which questions below should you ask the person who picks up? (Select all that apply)

A good sales point to bring up with a potential dental client is that Veterans get their dental services at the VA.

As an agent, why does it make sense to learn a little bit about different types of physicians?

What does PTSD stand for?

Which question below is good to ask of a receptionist at a private practice doctors office?

What are the two types of medical equipment suppliers?

CVS and Wal-Mart offer urgent care services.

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