Home and Garden 4

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Which of the following is not a typical method used by a pest control company?

Many pest control services will make suggestions to customers to help them prevent future outbreaks of pests in their home.

As an agent, which two questions below should be asked of a pest control company to help you get more information?

Pest control companies deal strictly with insects.

In 2017, the average Social Security paycheck for someone retiring at the age of 62 was how much?

Loaning someone money to start or build a business can be considered an alternative investment, and it would be a good idea to contact a financial advisor before doing so.

If a customer has a mouse problem in their home, but doesn't want them killed, what type of pest control should they seek?

You are talking to Henry with Double X Pest Control. He tells you that he doesn't currently offer a discount to our heroes, but he likes the idea of doing so. What should you say to Henry?

Unless they are dangerous, a pest control company will likely move a colony of bees to a new location rather than kill them off.

What is the average range for bed bug pest control services?

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