Landscapers Final

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Which statement below describes a security best?

As an agent, why is it important for you to know the basics about some of the financial instruments? (Select all that apply)

Why would one of our heroes, who has worked for most of her life, prefer to invest money in mutual funds?

Which option below is a good way to help you build a connection between the heroes we represent and a broker?

Which of the following are types of life insurance policies? (Select all that apply)

You are talking to, John, an investment broker in San Diego who does not see any benefit to advertising with us. What should you say?

An A529 Savings Account is an investment account designed to help people save for their child's future education.

When talking to an estate planner, it is good to concentrate on the emotional side of helping out our heroes.

Which of the following is not a characteristic of an Individual Retirement Account (IRA)?

Purchasing small bars of gold and silver is an example of a traditional investment.

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