Professional Services Final

Which of the following are good things to bring up with a massage therapist? (Select all that apply)

"Many of our heroes are right in the demographic seeking laser hair removal services. We are looking for a quality business that will take care of our heroes and make sure they see the results they want."

This is a good statement to make to a laser hair removal business owner.

You are talking to Jessica, the owner of Kidz Kutz. What can you say to her to help make a sale?

Which of the following are good facts to point out to a beauty salon/barber shop? (Select all that apply)

Many tattoo shops also offer body piercings.

Which statement below would be a good sales point with the owner of a day care?

Most massage therapists are younger than 35 years old.

You are talking to Brianna, the manager of a small day care. She states that they do not advertise because all of their clients are in the surrounding neighborhoods. What should you say to Brianna?

The demand for child care has increased due to the rise in number of families with two working parents.

Demand for beauty services is largely driven by number of salons in a specific area.

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