Real Estate 1 GEO

1. How are real estate professionals paid?
2. How many homes does the average American purchase in their lifetime?

What is the average home price for September 2017?


Choose all the statements below that are true.


Certain Veterans are eligible for a grant up to what amount to purchase, build, modify, or pay down a existing mortgage?


Easy Geo offers Real Estate Professionals which of the following?


One reason why Real Estate professionals value our service?


What type of property can a Veteran purchase using the VA Home Loan benefit?

9. Of the three (3) easy steps to obtaining a VA Home Loan, Easy Geo Fencing and Hometown Hero Project specializes in helping the Veteran do what?
10. What is a requirement for obtaining the Specially Adapted Housing Grant?
11. Why would a Real Estate professional want to market themselves as not only the VA Home Loan specialist, but also the VA Home Grant specialists?
12. It is ok to say? "We'll push the payment out 30 days to show you that this works."

On a $250,000 home, because there is no mortgage insurance with a VA loan, a buyer could afford a home worth $42,000 more with the same monthly payment, and would result in how much more in commissions for the realtors?

14. It is ok to ask? "Let me ask you something, how many homes would you have to sell to pay for this service?"
15. It is ok to say? "Since a single home sale would pay for this service, let's get you started and get you some calls. Then, I will push the payment out 30 days and even divide it into four payments."
16. Would it be ok to ask a potential client? "Do you know that besides the generous VA Guaranty Loan benefits, certain Veterans may be eligible for a grant up to $81,080 to purchase or build a home?"

Are all Veterans eligible for the VA Grant to purchase or build a home?

18. Compared with 63% of non-veterans, what percentage of Veterans own a home?
19. Are you allowed to state, imply or otherwise suggest that the sale in contingent upon leads, calls, sales, or "seeing how it works".

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