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According to what you have read, which skill is not suggested as an important quality for a lawyer to attain?
Most states require that applicants graduate from an ____-accredited law school, pass one or more written bar exams, and be found by an admitting board to have the character to represent and advise others
Many law schools and state and local bar associations do not provide continuing legal education courses that help lawyers stay current with recent developments
It is not required to have a law degree, or pass a state's written bar examination to be a lawyer
Employment of lawyers is projected to grow 8 percent from 2016 to 2026, about as fast as the average for all occupations
According to the information you've just learned, the majority of lawyers worked full time in 2016, and many worked more than 40 hours per week
The largest employer of lawyers was the Federal Government in 2016
Lawyers who own their own practices usually earn less than those who work in law firms or other business establishments
Becoming a lawyer usually takes ___ years of full-time study after high school. This includes ___ years of undergraduate study, followed by ___ years of law school
Prospective lawyers take licensing exams called “bar exams.” Lawyers who receive a license to practice law are “admitted to the bar.”

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