Senior Care Final

The healthcare industry is one of our least productive line of business categories for our sales team?

Phil is an old broke down former Department of Navy employee who often wanders away from home and cannot remember who he is. What category of care would you suggest for Phil?

I am in need of general unskilled care that would entail running some errands. Which would best suit my needs?

My father is generally healthy, but has trouble getting around the house due to an old army injury. We do not live close, and thus worry about his wellbeing. What type of service would you recommend?

What best describes palliative care?

An Assisted Living facility without skilled nurses can distribute medications?

A Nursing Home is a skilled nursing facility?

Fred requires end-of-life care. Which of the following would you recommend?

Which living arrangement affords the most independence to their clients?

I own an in-home caregiver service, and I hesitate to subscribe to the HTH program because I am concerned that I could not get paid by the VA for my services.  Is this a legitimate concern?

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