Contractors 4

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You are talking to a general contractor who says that he prefers to hire Veterans. What should you say? (Select all that apply)

As a sales agent, how can knowing a contractor does emergency repairs be helpful?

What are reasons not to overload a contractor with a large number of facts? (Select all that apply)

General contractors work with a number of subcontractors on large projects, and will sometimes even offer their own labor.

In general, why do most contractors pick up the phone when it rings?

What is the maximum tax credit amount an employer can receive with the Work Opportunity Tax Credit program for hiring a Veteran?

As an agent, you are talking to an electrician who says they offer military discounts. How can you use this information to help you make the sale?

If you were installing a new sink in your master bathroom, what is your best plan of action?

A general contractor tells you that he does involve his company in housing alterations and adaptations for disabled persons. You ask him if he has heard of the HISA grant. Did you take the right step?

Most contractors focus on doing good work because they rely on referrals for business.

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