Contractors Final

In general, why do most contractors pick up the phone when it rings?

Most contractors focus on doing good work because they rely on referrals for business.

Why can it be cost-effective for a homeowner to have their general contractor purchase materials for the project?

You have pitched a plumbing contractor who tells you she does not like advertising on the internet because customers have too much control over ratings. how should you respond to her objection?

General contractors will typically add a 10% to 20% surcharge to project estimates.

As an agent, when speaking to a general contractor who specializes in commercial and industrial projects, what should you focus on?

Why is it beneficial for a homeowner to hire a general contractor when planning a big project? (Select all that apply)

As a sales agent, how can knowing a contractor does emergency repairs be helpful?

You are talking to Harry, an electrical contractor who is expanding his business and intends to hire new electricians. What are good ways to proceed with the conversation? (Select all that apply)

What are reasons not to overload a contractor with a large number of facts? (Select all that apply)

General contractors work with a number of subcontractors on large projects, and will sometimes even offer their own labor.

What does WOTC stand for?

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