Funeral and Cemetery 1

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Sarah, who lives in California, needs to have her brother's body transferred from Texas to her local cemetery. Does Sarah need to have her brother's body embalmed?

Which of the following is not something a funeral director would normally do?

A majority of the funeral director's work day is spent doing what?

If a state requires a degree to be licensed as funeral director, what type of degree will the director most likely have?

Funeral directors usually have a low level of patience and you can use this to your advantage as a sales agent.

Because there is no telling when the services of a funeral home are needed, a funeral director is usually "on call".

What are things that are or can be done with a loved one's crematory ashes?

What was the median annual salary of a funeral director in 2012?

Why will funeral directors specialize in funerals for one religious faith?

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