Funeral and Cemetery 3

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If the Veteran's death is service-related what is the maximum burial allowance the VA will pay?

Which department may provide military funeral honors consisting of folding and presenting the U.S. flag and the playing of "Taps"?

Suppose you are talking to a cemetery director who is reluctant to advertise with Veterans because, "Veterans have special cemeteries where they are buried." What is the best response to his comment?

Which are good words to use while talking to a funeral or cemetery director?

What is the plot allowance for a Veteran who is buried in a cemetery that is not under U.S. government jurisdiction and died in a VA facility?

Which of the below are eligible for an inscribed headstone at no cost?

As a sales agent, which of the following is a good statement to make to a funeral director? (Select all that apply)

The VA will furnish one U.S. burial flag to memorialize each Veteran who received a dishonorable discharge.

Veterans who are members at the local VFWs never have anything to do with funerals.

An emblem of belief can be inscribed on a Veteran's headstone or grave marker.

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