Funeral and Cemetery Final

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Which of the following is not a responsibility of a cemetery?

What are things that are or can be done with a loved one's crematory ashes?

As a sales agent, which of the following is a good statement to make to a funeral director? (Select all that apply)

As a sales agent what are good questions to ask a potential cemetery director client? (Select all that apply)

Which are good words to use while talking to a funeral or cemetery director?

What is another name for a mausoleum designed to hold cremated remains?

Funeral directors tend to be argumentative and impatient.

Jack's sister Donna recently died from small pox in Texas. Texas has a regulation stating that if a person dies from a communicable disease the body must be embalmed. Jack is planning direct cremation. Does he need to have Donna's body embalmed?

A majority of the funeral director's work day is spent doing what?

Because there is no telling when the services of a funeral home are needed, a funeral director is usually "on call".

While talking to Jimmy, a funeral director who works closely with the Veterans at the VFW down the road, you notice there is an American Legion a mile and a half further down the road. What is the best thing for you to say?

The maximum VA burial benefit available is $734.

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