Heating and Air 1

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A good HVAC technician can help a homeowner do which of the following:

A qualified HVAC technician will know when special permits and licensing are required to complete a job.

It is always better and less expensive for a homeowner to install their own air-conditioning unit rather than call a professional for help.

The typical cost of an HVAC repair is between $120 and $600 for parts and labor.

Which of the following is not a primary purpose of an HVAC system?

What is the primary code HVAC technicians should follow?

What does HVAC stand for?

The HVAC system in a home is intended to do which of the following: (Select all that apply)

All experienced HVAC technicians will be able to do all of the following except what?

Some HVAC technicians deal with exhaust vents.

Stage Name/Real Name Unit