Heating and Air 2

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There are relatively few HVAC companies competing for space in the heating and cooling market.

HVAC technicians are just like handymen and do not require any specialized training.

Which of the following are things that an HVAC technician deals with? (Check all that apply)

When talking to an HVAC company owner it is important to understand how the season might affect his or her business so that you can create strong rebuttals.

Why can talking about hard work be helpful?

You're talking to the owner of an HVAC company who expresses his dislike for services like Angie's List, Yelp, etc. because of their rating systems. What should you say?

What is one way an HVAC company can legitimately earn more profits?

What is the equation for success for most HVAC companies?

What can we do to help the HVAC client with his business?

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