Insurance 3

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As a sales agent talking to an insurance agent, what is a good point to bring up if they say that they are unsure of whether or not they would be able to help any of our heroes?

Insurance agents are generally impatient people, so you should get through your pitch as quickly as possible.

What is a good way to work your way past the gatekeeper?

In order to save money on insurance, it is usually best to purchase a policy that offers what you need and leave all the extras behind.

How much in property casualty policies did State Farm write in 2016?

An agent you are talking to says he's not allowed to purchase his own advertising because of compliance issues with his corporate office. What can you say in response?

USAA is an insurance organization that targets teachers and firemen.

There are almost 6000 insurance companies registered to do business in the United States.

Why do insurance agents have some basic knowledge of the finance industry?

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