Mortgage 1

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Kim is a mortgage broker not currently working with Veterans. Which of the following statements would best excite Kim to start working with Veterans?

What are the benefits for Veterans who use the VA Home Loan? (Choose all that apply)

VNN offers Real Estate Professionals which of the following?

As a VNN agent working with a potential mortgage lender partner, it is important to focus solely on the facts rather than emotion.

An agent can assist the VA Loan homebuyer apply for their COE in which manner? (Select all that apply)

An independent mortgage broker often works with a number of local real estate agents.

The VA Guarantee Home Loan cannot be used to refinance an existing mortgage.

As a VNN sales agent working with a prospective mortgage lender, which of the following is not something you should say:

Since 1/6th of the eligible home buyer market is Veterans and military, what statement do you think is the best Killer One-Liner?

What did the term "mortgage" originally stand for?

How is this fact important to mortgage lenders: On average, Veterans qualify for home loans at a greater rate than non-veterans. (Choose all that apply)

Two brothers, John and Bob, both qualify for a 30 year mortgage at $1600 per month. John is a Veteran using the VA Home Loan. Bob is not a Veterans and is using a conventional loan. Why was John able to purchase a more expensive home?

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