Mortgage 3

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In all, how much of the entire U.S. homebuyer market may be eligible to use the VA Home Loan?

The Hometown Hero Project is a Public Benefit Corporation because it is a non-profit which receives support from the community.

It is ok to say? "We'll push the payment out 30 days to show you that this works."

While working with a mortgage lender you should carefully balance emotional and factual information. You want to make them feel they are supporting Veteran programming while possibly gaining new clients.

A vast majority of home loan applications are approved.

If a loan lender approves a home loan for $200,000 (after down payment) and he earns 1% commission. How much commission did he earn on this mortgage?

What is one of the primary qualifications a person must meet in order to get a mortgage loan?

Lenders should work with Veterans who qualify for VA Home Loans because their foreclosure rates are higher.

Which statement below is a good response when talking to a mortgage lender who says: "VA Home Loans are too difficult to work with."

You tell a mortgage lender that he can earn more commission by working with every Veteran in his community because they don't pay mortgage insurance and can get more home for their money. Is this true?

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