Pet Services Final

As a sales agent, no matter how you feel about burying pets, you should treat the owner of a pet cemetery in the same manner you would the owner of a traditional cemetery for humans.

Veterinarians are generally compassionate people. So if you were trying to sell to a Veterinarian office, which statement below would be the best choice?

Which statement below should not be used with the owner of a pet cemetery?

As a sales agent selling to a pet groomer, which of the statements below would be helpful to making the sale?

As a sales agent you will always need to talk to the office veterinarian, so if they are with a patient every time you call you should give up.

Which of the following services will a typical pet groomer provide? (Select all that apply)

Most Veterinarians work in private practice.

Veterinarians have medical degrees.

There are more than 78.2 million dogs in the United States.

It is likely you will get a lot of leads for guard dog services.

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