Pet Services Final

Which statement below should not be used with the owner of a pet cemetery?

Pet cemeteries do not offer cremation services for small animals.

Veterinarians are generally compassionate people. So if you were trying to sell to a Veterinarian office, which statement below would be the best choice?

Which of the following services will a typical pet groomer provide? (Select all that apply)

About what percent of veterinarians were self employed in 2012?

What is a good sales point to make with a pet supply store?

As a sales agent, no matter how you feel about burying pets, you should treat the owner of a pet cemetery in the same manner you would the owner of a traditional cemetery for humans.

As a sales agent selling to a pet groomer, which of the statements below would be helpful to making the sale?

Which statement below is good to use with a veterinary clinic?

It is likely you will get a lot of leads for guard dog services.

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