Real Estate 4 GEO

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Why do real estate agents earn more in commissions selling to buyers who use the VA Loan?
Which bullet points can you suggest a real estate agent include in their Ad targeting the Veteran and military demographic? (Choose all that apply)
One of the biggest benefits of having a Banner Ad with our  "Click to You" technology is that it alleviates the need for our website visitors to search through multiple Ads - thus bypassing competition.
If you had to recommend just one bullet point that would be included in a real estate ad, which do you believe would provoke the most interest in the <em><strong>Veteran market</strong></em>?
In what ways can GeoFencing help a real estate agent?
Once a real estate agent lists his or her first home for sale on what will we create for them at no additional cost?
What marketing strategy can a real estate agent employ to gain more interest in their services amongst Veterans? (Choose all that apply)
For the highest real estate agent wage earners, 60% of their sales comes from where?
Using GeoFencing, a real estate agent will surely receive more phone calls and referrals.
What is the main reason why real estate agents fail?
Independent business people must pay all of their own expenses, and keep track of them all so they can accurately determine how much they actually earn?
In 2017 there were 5.57 million existing home sales split up amongst 1.2 million registered real estate agents - or 4.6 homes sold per agent. How does this information help you as a HTH Sales Agent? (Choose all that apply)
VNN can save a real estate agent expenses because of which of the following? (Choose all the apply)
Our Real Estate Package comes with a City-Wide Bottom Banner with our "Click to You" technology?
As opposed to nearly all other consumer item sales people, what is the primary reason why real estate agents must <strong><em>accumulate and nurture</em> </strong>hundreds of prospects? (Choose all that apply)

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