Real Estate 5 GEO

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As a HTH sales agent, you are the middleman between real estate agents and exposure to 1 million visitors to our web directory.
Why is it important that a real estate agent keep good bookkeeping records?
According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR) 2016 Member Profile, agents that have been in the industry for more that 16 years earned a median gross income of:
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If a real estate agent earns yearly commissions of $57,780, is this his gross revenue or net income?
Why does it make good business sense for a real estate agent to develop a marketing strategy in the Veteran  and military demographic? (Choose all that apply)
Why is it good business for a real estate agent to continue to send holiday greetings, market updates, or simply general greetings to previous home buyers?
It is said that a business is a lot like a snowball. Why is that?
For a real estate agent what is the difference in gross revenue and earnings?
What is our "Click to You" technology that comes with all Banner Ads?

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