Real Estate 6 GEO

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After hanging up with the verifier after transferring a customer, you should let your happiness for making a sale get to you and start right up with the next call.

What is the maximum tax credit amount an employer can receive with the Work Opportunity Tax Credit program for hiring a Veteran?

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Included in our Real Estate Package, agents receive which of the following?
Assumptive closing involves moving toward a closing process, which usually starts with gathering the information needed to finalize a sale.
VNN can save a real estate agent expenses because of which of the following? (Choose all the apply)
Which of the following can I say during a phone call with a customer? (Select all that apply)

What is a reason why many people don't utilize the services of an auto auction?

You call Janice with Janice's Cleaning, but she tells you she is no longer in business. How should you disposition the call?

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