Senior Care II

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The average American couple spends $75,000 in end of life care?

Many of the 13.5  million Veterans enrolled in the VA Healthcare System are eligible to use Non-VA providers pursuant to the Choice Act?

The recent statements by the Department of Veterans Affairs, Secretary David Shulkin, are being interpreted as a desire by his department to restrict further use of private sector providers?

72.5% of all Veterans did not use the VA Healthcare System in 2016.

Female Veterans tend to be slightly older and are more likely to use VA Health benefits?

The population of female Veterans is increasing at what rate per year?

President Bush shot down the idea of privatizing the VA Healthcare System?

Americans spend $10,345 on healthcare each year?

How many Veterans are enrolled in the VA Healthcare System?

A majority of Veterans use the VA Healthcare System?

I own an in-home caregiver service, and I hesitate to subscribe to the HTH program because I am concerned that I could not get paid by the VA for my services.  Is this a legitimate concern?

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